Our Story

Cody's story and why TruNorth was born.

After high school, I moved from my hometown in Northern Ontario to Alberta to work in the oil field. I enjoyed the money but there was always something about it that didn’t feel like I was where I was supposed to be. 

In 2014, after about 6 years of living in western Canada, I had a close family member take his own life which shook me to my core and “woke me up.”   I had some life-altering experiences during the first 3 weeks after his death that changed the way I look at the world.  I realized that life is too precious to be doing things that you don’t love to do.

My parents raised me in a small town and always exposed me to nature.  I was mostly disconnected from nature during my time working in the oil field and I feel that had a large impact on my happiness.  After some soul searching when my cousin passed away, it was clear that I had to reconnect to nature.  This is when I decided to move to Vancouver Island to live in the bush and live off the land as much as possible.

I bought a tent trailer and a surfboard and drove to the west coast of Vancouver Island to live in the bush between Tofino and Ucluelet.  When I arrived I found a beautiful spot which became my home for 6 months.  During my time there I learned how to harvest mussels and crab from the ocean and forage wild mushrooms to eat and sell for some extra cash.

I fell in love with nature again but on an even deeper level than when I was young.

After living alone in the bush for months, I realized that I needed to be with my family. I decided to move back to Ontario. I completed building a cabin that my dad had started years ago, and have been living in it since 2015. It's off the grid and close to my family - the best of both worlds.

As soon as I arrived back home I naturally started researching and foraging other wild edibles/medicinals and came across Chaga. When I figured out proper harvesting techniques, where it grew and the medicinal value of Chaga I started doing daily harvests and quickly found out that if I worked hard enough I could spread this medicine around and make a living doing it.

I continue to read and learn about natural medicines everyday and I love integrating them into my life.  My goal is to continue learning and spreading my knowledge to others so they can begin to work with plants as medicine as I have done to heal themselves and others.

Why we have a passion for this product:

The research and studies on Chaga are incredible and intriguing.  Over the years I've had countless people share their healing stories with me and attribute them to the use of Chaga.  This combined with my love for nature and the freedom of working for myself was what started TruNorth and continues to feed my passion.

Why it’s so unique to our region:

Chaga grows on birch trees in Northern Climates.  The Great Lakes/St. Lawrence forest in Northern Ontario has some of the densest populations of Chaga on the planet due to the abundance of yellow birch and the high, average, relative-humidity being close to Lake Superior.

Because Chaga takes years to grow it will absorb heavy metals and pollutants from the environment.  Our low population and lack of industrialization compared to other parts of the world in which Chaga grows make Northern Ontario one of the cleanest places to source these mushrooms on the planet.

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