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We are committed to our community! Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive, we ask that you fill out the below and we will review and get back to you within 10 business days. 

Please submit the information as requested below to

Name of Organization or Group:
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Contact Name:
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What is your event? (include date and location)
What is your request?
How many people are expected at your event?
How many years has your event been held?
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Are you affiliated with a retail store?
How will TruNorth be shared?
Who are your other sponsors?
How do you plan to promote? (both the event + TruNorth)
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Community Support + Collaboration Contract


TruNorth is committed to our community - including you! We look forward to supporting you, and we ask for the following as we work together:
  • You agree to distribute TruNorth products as/where indicated in your request
  • You agree to provide TruNorth with samples/copies/links of all items containing our Logo or referencing TruNorth in advance of receiving the donation
  • TruNorth will solely determine the amount of sponsorship 
  • You agree to send TruNorth photos from the event incorporating the TruNorth brand
  • You agree to support us socially - we’ll do the same for you!
I agree to the terms of this sponsorship agreement and understand my responsibilities in fulfilling all obligations if this event is chosen for sponsorship.
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