Forest to Soul

TruNorth is reconnecting businesses to the forest through ethically harvested and sourced, functional & medicinal mushrooms.

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Premium Quality

TruNorth provides the highest-quality wild harvested and cultivated mushroom products on the market to consumers and manufacturers alike.

Lab Tested

Third Party Lab Testing offers assurance that zero pesticides, radiation, or chemicals are used on any of our mushrooms, or mushroom products.

Ethically Harvested

TruNorth ethically harvests mushrooms from the pristine forests of Northeastern Canada, ensuring sustainability and care for the environment.

Meet Cody

Listen to a few words from our founder Cody, the heart and soul of TruNorth

TruNorth's Vision:

Our mission is to source powerful plant medicine, harness and respect their potency and purity and share these healing properties with like minded businesses.
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In Embracing Nature's Wisdom

Explore our medicinal mushroom offerings and experience the transformative power of TruNorth's ethically harvested and cultivated mushrooms.
Our Mushrooms
“I’ve been buying Chaga Mushroom from TruNorth for over two years. I use it to make a product I sell and will only use the best available chaga on the market. TruNorth Chaga Mushroom is by far  the best 100% organic mushroom. More importantly, is the leadership behind the company. We only work with like minded companies that put integrity, authenticity, passion, and commitment to developing a solid honest partnership. Cody and his team follow the same principles of doing business. Great people to work with. They never let us down!”
Morningside Naturals TruNorth Customer
“We have been doing business with Cody for a year, and we are always satisfied with the mushrooms and services from Cody and his team.

They respond fast and are very supportive. We have been buying Reishi from him and now we are also starting to purchase Turkey Tail and Chaga from him. TruNorth’s mushrooms are 100% organic and wildcrafted, which is very good quality and exactly what we need.”

Myco-biome Inc TruNorth Customer


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