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TruNorth is reconnecting humans to the forest through inspired functional products in a regenerative way.

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Meet Cody

Listen to a few words from our founder, Cody.

“The more you connect with nature, the more you get on track to finding a sacred balance”

Cody McElrea Founder

TruNorth's Mission

Our mission is to source powerful plant medicine, harness and respect their potency and purity and share these healing properties with like minded people.

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About Us

Our Family

Our team feels more like family than anything. Sure, Cody has both his mother and sister working alongside him, but everyone else working at TruNorth is bonded in a close,...

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Our Big Purpose

TruNorth is re-establishing our well-being through connection to plant medicine and inspired functional medicine products in a regenerative way. We want TruNorth to be the spark that inspires people to...

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Our Core

Everything is connected.  If TruNorth is like a gnarled, wizened oak tree with an expanse of roots spreading down through the ground, it’s roots are Cody’s ethos. His ethos seeps...

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Our Difference

Wild harvested TruNorth 100% wild-harvest’s Chaga from the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence forest region in Northern Ontario.  TruNorth Chaga is exposed to harsh environmental stressors which increase the concentration of...

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I was almost finished my first bottle of Chaga when I realized I had stopped taking my pain pills.  Also, my mood is much brighter.

Dorothy M. Customer

I notice a difference in my skin and hair, my sleep patterns have alsoimproved dramatically!

Lisa M. Customer

I was amazed with the difference in how I felt.  My pain was gone.  After I told all my friends about it, they have all had great results too!

Evon S. Customer

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About Chaga

Chaga is a fungus that grows in abundance in the forests where we harvest. Though sometimes called a mushroom, the fruiting body of this fungus is called a “conk”, and has the appearance of a large, charcoal-like mass.

Chaga Flavour

Raw chaga has an earthy, though not particularly strong taste, with a virtually unnoticeable flavor in our coffee and tea blends.

How to Store Chaga

When storing dry, raw Chaga products, any airtight container will do. If you have already simmered your Chaga once to make tea and intend to re-use it, it should be stored in your freezer in the meantime.

Chaga's Use

Betulinic acid is responsible for much of Chaga’s antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. This compound is found in the bark of birch trees. Unlike mycelium cultivated Chaga, our wild-harvested Chaga absorbs betulinic acid from the birch trunks it grows on.


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