TruNorth Naturals is an

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medicinal mushroom company.

Our primary efforts focus on sustainability, while providing our customers with ethically sourced dried mushrooms, as well as clinically potent full-spectrum mushroom extracts.

We believe our powerful mushrooms and fungi are of the highest quality you will find.

At TruNorth, we don't view mushrooms as mere commodities. Instead, our priority lies in providing the utmost care and attention to wild harvesting, cultivating, and manufacturing to ensure their remarkable health properties as active ingredients for your products.

Our #1 BestSeller

100% Canadian Wild Harvested Chaga

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Unleashing the Potent Benefits of Chaga

100% Wild-Harvested Chaga from Northern Ontario

TruNorth 100% wild-harvest’s Chaga from the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence forest region in Northern Ontario.

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What makes our Chaga Unique?

Sustainably and ethically harvested from remote forests in Canada.
Certified organic, with our team and facility complying with Health Canada and FDA food safety standards.
In-house particle reduction capabilities offer a variety of cut options, including chunk, tea cut, and powder.
Our "kill step" process reduces potentially harmful microbes without denaturing the active ingredients.
Third-party lab testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.
Optional assays for active ingredients to determine the levels of beneficial components.
TruNorth ensures full traceability and transparency from harvesting and processing to shipping.
Bulk orders customized to meet individual needs.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures thatyou receive the best ingredients for your industry needs.

TruNorth protects purity. We harvest wild fungi ONLY from secluded forest regions of Canada.  Sourcing and harvesting in this environment, away from highways, industrial areas, landfills and cities, means our Chaga and Mushrooms are exposed to the LEAST amount of potential contaminants possible.
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Other Mushrooms We Offer

Willow Bracket

Hoof Conk

Turkey Tail


We have very high standards and are very proud of the fact that we get all of our products wild harvested here in Canada. Sustainability and consideration to the forest is a must. TruNorth has been a pleasure to work with. This company shares our same values and ethics. We are proud to source our Chaga, Turkey Tail and Reishi for our line of mushroom tinctures from TruNorth. We can only make a top quality product if we have top quality ingredients. Highly recommended!

Burgess Andre Canadian Pine Pollen

I've been buying Chaga Mushroom from TruNorth for over two years. I use it to make a product I sell and will only use the best available chaga on the market. TruNorth Chaga Mushroom is by far the best 100% organic mushroom. More importantly, is the leadership behind the company. We only work with like minded companies that put integrity, authenticity, passion, and commitment to developing a solid honest partnership. Cody and his team follow the same principles of doing business. Great people to work with.

Jeff Morningside Naturals

We have been doing business with Cody for a year, and we are always satisfied with the mushrooms and services from Cody and his team.

They respond fast and are very supportive. We have been buying Reishi from him and now we are also starting to purchase Turkey Tail and Chaga from him. TruNorth’s mushrooms are 100% organic and wildcrafted, which is very good quality and exactly what we need.



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