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TruNorth exists to bridge the time-honoured connection between plants and people. Our mission is to source powerful plant medicine, harness and respect their potency and purity and share these healing properties with like minded people.

Transport your soul to the forest

Even a sip of our robust Chaga powder blended into your coffee, tea or morning ritual waters provides a connection to nature—an earthly, rich and creamy flavour imbued with energy. Each TruNorth mushroom harvested is respected as medicine and is treated with care.

TruNorth tests our Chaga for active compounds (Beta-glucans, polyphenols, terpenes) to ensure maximum purity and potency.  It is not enough that our mushrooms look, taste and feel like optimal quality, they must also provide the necessary nutrients and adaptogenic properties for maximum healing. We also prove each batch safe with microbial and heavy metal analysis. Purity is paramount. Our stewardship of nature’s inherent purity is woven into how we source, harvest, process, store, ship and share potent plant medicines. TruNorth uses indigenous age-old methods and novel, scientific practices to capture as much of the forests’ spirit for human consumption.


Ingredients of Care

We deeply care about every little inch of our interaction between plants and people. From how our mushrooms are lifted off the trees, to how Reiki is performed on the Chaga before they’re packages for customers, to how we manage relationships with family-team, customers and competitors—complete care is woven into our recipe for operating TruNorth. 

How To Chaga 

The Chaga mushroom is an adaptogen which means it boosts your body’s natural ability to adapt, adjust and recalibrate depending on your environment. A teaspoon of TruNorth Chaga powder in any drink can help calm you in stressful situations, or give you a shot of energy when you need it most. 

Chaga doesn’t contain caffeine. This means you can drink it morning, noon, and night!


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