Our Difference

Wild harvested

TruNorth 100% wild-harvest’s Chaga from the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence forest region in Northern Ontario.  TruNorth Chaga is exposed to harsh environmental stressors which increase the concentration of phytonutrients such as betulinic acid, lupeol, beta glucans and melanin which are known for their anti-cancer properties.   Melanin is a powerful antioxidant. Many companies that sell “Chaga” are growing it on grain and harvesting the mycelium only, which is not actually Chaga.  Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is defined as the black sclerotia that protrudes from the birch tree.  Other companies market their products as Chaga, when in fact they are extracting nutrients from the mycelium (rooting system of the fungus) only.  Compounds like Polysaccharides can be found in the mycelium but other anti-cancer compounds like Betulinic Acid and Lupeol come directly from the Birch tree.  Chaga that is grown in a controlled environment is not supported by compatible birch trees which are vital in producing important antioxidants. Because Chaga takes on many of the healthy attributes from its environment and its own chemical make-up (over 200 known phytonutrients) it is vital that the fungus grows for many years before harvesting.  TruNorth employees are trained to only harvest large conks in order to ensure the potency of the mushroom.

Geographic Location

Chaga grows on birch trees in Northern Climates. The Great Lakes/St. Lawrence forest in Northern Ontario is produces extremely high amounts of Chaga due to the abundance of yellow birch and the high, average, relative-humidity being close to Lake Superior.

Our products and facilities are subject to annual audits by ECOCERT Canada.  This means TruNorth Chaga is grown in unpolluted soil free from pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.  Detailed cleaning and processing records are kept at our facility and inspected by ECOCERT during audits.  We must use all-natural and organic cleaning products and sterile surfaces during our processes.  

Sustainability and Traceability

Our nature specialists are trained to leave at least 20% of the Chaga behind for regrowth and 2lbs conks are left untouched and intact.  We mark all of our Chaga with GPS coordinates and we record the estimated weight removed and left behind. These coordinates are assigned a record number and eventually a processing lot number that is passed on to our customers. These record numbers can be used to trace TruNorth Chaga from the end consumer, through cleaning and processing, all the way back to the harvest locations. Our harvest sites are monitored and 3rd party inspected by ECOCERT to ensure over-harvesting does not occur and the growth of this amazing fungus is sustained for generations to come. We work with forestry management companies and the MNR and share data, maps and resources in order to sustain Chaga and its the environment it grows in for generations to come.

Vertical Integration / Canadian Made Chaga

TruNorth Chaga is harvested and processed by TruNorth employees with no middle man.  TruNorth Chaga processes are monitored and recorded from start to finish in Northern Ontario to ensure quality and safety.

Price Points

Competitive rates and quality products are offered to both consumers, retail partners and wholesalers.

High-Quality Dual Extracts

Our dual extracts are formulated with a potent raw material to liquid ratio.  This means that a highly concentrated dose of Trunorth Chaga's active ingredients is consumed in each serving relative to competitors.

Lab Testing

Our products are tested by 3rd party labs to ensure quality and safety.

Health Canada Certified

Our products are registered with Health Canada and have designated Natural Product Numbers (NPN's)

Consumer Health, environmental sustainability are top priorities

We believe that this profound plant medicine is here to heal people and our mission is to help bring access and awareness to people in need who can’t harvest it themselves.


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