Our Family

Our team feels more like family than anything. Sure, Cody has both his mother and sister working alongside him, but everyone else working at TruNorth is bonded in a close, family way. Cody draws in just the right people; humans in sync with his ethos. Cody has a lovely way of not needing to own everything and intuitively find the right roles for the right people. He isn’t competitive and reflexively comes at life with an open mind. This means he is able to support and collaborate with every person he meets.


Each person on the TruNorth team has the following:

  • Environmental consciousness
  • Willingness to learn and grow...constantly
  • Awareness of nature and environment around them
  • Understand for the plants being harvested are sacred medicine
  • Respect for harvesting sacred medicine and the indigineous people before them who interacted with these plants for generations
  • Beyond sustainability—being able to regenerate resources is more important than anything - it’s the future.
  • Abundance looks like more than money. Sacred economics is fundamental.
  • Honour the community that are working in unison—every person matters
  • Brand Spirit
    When you inhabit a conversation with Cody, you realize pretty quickly who you’re speaking with. Cody is the real deal. While his roots are the ethos of the brand, his spirit is also sprinkled all over TruNorth. Here are a few of Cody’s attributes that have been floating around since the beginning of the brand. Naming them helps us all to arrive at a deeper understanding of what underpins TruNorth. Specifically:
    • Transparency
    • Soul
    • Purity
    • Ceremony
    • Connection
    • Synchronicity
    • Peaceful
    • Elevate
    • Altruistic
    • Wellness


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