Our Core

Everything is connected. 

If TruNorth is like a gnarled, wizened oak tree with an expanse of roots spreading down through the ground, it’s roots are Cody’s ethos. His ethos seeps into all facets of the business, harvesting process, development of products and attraction of people that come into contact with TruNorth. By tending to each element of the business as a connected system and a reverence of plants as systems, natural regeneration will occur. This is where reciprocity comes in. Humans can’t exist without trees. Trees can’t exist without mushrooms. Mushrooms heal humans. 

Care is the key ingredient. 

TruNorth deeply cares about every little inch of their interaction between plants and people. From how our mushrooms are lifted off the trees, to how beautiful Reiki energy is shared with the chaga. Long before we had big pharma, biotech, health and wellness trends, we had powerful plants. Humans have existed for thousands of years with the support and healing properties from plants. TruNorth believes plants have the power to support and sustain human health. Adaptogenic mushrooms are more than a health and wellness trend, when treated properly they are a medicine to enable human health.

Purity is paramount. 

Our stewardship of nature’s inherent purity is woven into how we source, harvest, process, store, ship and share potent plant medicines. TruNorth uses indigenous age-old methods and novel, scientific practices to capture as much of the forests’ purity for human consumption.

TruNorth exists to reestablish a healthy connection between plants and people.

The woodwide web is interconnected. Forests speak. The land holds energy and nutrients. The trees house the ground in harmony with plants and animals. Mushrooms network and share knowledge. And everything in between takes and gives in stunning reciprocity. The forest is TruNorth’s north star. It provides, as long as you tend to it. TruNorth doesn’t look at plants as commodities. Instead, they are participants in the sacred cycle of life. They have tremendous value if they’re cared for properly, stored correctly and offered in the right spirit. TruNorth is intentional. Each plant harvested is considered medicine and is treated with that energy. 



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