Dried Canadian Wild Harvested Fungi

Fruiting bodies are available in fine powder, cut/sift, chunks, and whole.
Orders customized to individual need.

Sustainably and ethically harvested from remote forests in Canada.
Certified organic, with our team and facility complying with Health Canada and FDA food safety standards.
In-house particle reduction capabilities offer a variety of cut options, including chunk, tea cut, and powder.
Our "kill step" process reduces potentially harmful microbes without denaturing the active ingredients.
Third-party lab testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.
Optional assays for active ingredients to determine the levels of beneficial components.
TruNorth ensures full traceability and transparency from harvesting and processing to shipping.
Bulk orders customized to meet individual needs.

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Dried North American Cultivated - 100% Fruiting Body

100% certified organic fruiting bodies, both imported and domestic.
Available in fine powder, cut/sift, chunks, and whole orders customized to individual needs.

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