Dried North American Cultivated - 100% Fruiting Body

100% certified organic fruiting bodies, both imported and domestic.
Available in fine powder, cut/sift, chunks, and whole orders customized to individual needs.

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Our Family

Our team feels more like family than anything. Sure, Cody has both his mother and sister working alongside him, but everyone else working at TruNorth is bonded in a close,...

Our Big Purpose

TruNorth is re-establishing our well-being through connection to plant medicine and inspired functional medicine products in a regenerative way. We want TruNorth to be the spark that inspires people to...

Our Core

Everything is connected.  If TruNorth is like a gnarled, wizened oak tree with an expanse of roots spreading down through the ground, it’s roots are Cody’s ethos. His ethos seeps...

Our Difference

Wild harvested TruNorth 100% wild-harvest’s Chaga from the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence forest region in Northern Ontario.  TruNorth Chaga is exposed to harsh environmental stressors which increase the concentration of...


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